Making Yourself at Home

One of my favorite decorations in my room. Picture by me.

Because of COVID-19, I had to seriously reevaluate how many things I brought with me while living on campus. I made sure to only bring the essentials, but I also made sure to bring the things that made me feel at home.

The things that help me feel at home are simple. I like to bring the gifts and books I’ve been given from friends and family. A cutout of the state of Texas painted like the Texas flag with the colors of Texas State. Pictures of New York and London. A Campbell soup sign.

Outside of the things to make me feel at home, I also make sure to only bring the absolute necessities: clothes, towels, toiletries, and dishes. Since I live in an apartment style dorm, I also make sure to have cleaning supplies since no one is around to clean for me.

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