Events of Res Life

A photo of residents in the Beretta lobby at an event I hosted last year. Photo by Cameron Campbell.

Hello! It’s been a minute since I’ve written something for you to k now about res life and RA life. What I’ll be talking to you about this time, as you can tell from the title, is events.

Events as an RA can be a lot of fun since we get some type of creative control. For events, we either get to do events as “community builders” or we get to do them as “BRE events (Bobcat Residential Experience.”

Community builders are basically events we throw to encourage friendships and a sense of community amongst residents. In the past, I’ve baked cookies or hosted a coloring event as a community builder. These are the events where resident participation are usually the highest. Here is a link where sometimes RAs look for event ideas:

The BRE/Bobcat Residential Experience events are the less fun events (in my opinion). These are the events where we are given an outline of some kind about the event. The events are generally geared towards giving the residents good information about things like finances, time management, and mental well-being. Some of them are okay, but others are straight up boring. These are the ones where resident participation is generally at a lower point.

One thing that we have to do if we want to have snacks and drinks is fill out what’s called a petty cash request. Petty cash requests allow us to buy drinks, snacks, and anything else we can think of for an event like cups, plates, or other things like paint or crayons. Petty cash requests can be to nearly any time of store in the town. Walmart and HEB tend to be the usual ones, but others that have been done are Target and Hobby Lobby.

On the requests, we have to fill out every single item that we want, how much of the item, and the price. Luckily the form is an Excel form so it automatically calculates the price by the quantity. In case our pricing is a little off, the person in charge of petty cash in the department gives us $10-$15 more. We also get a tax exempt card for the store we go to. If we screw up or if the store screws us over, we end up having to pay the department back after we take the change back.

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