Emergency Device Inspections

The smoke detector that is in my living room. Photo by Cameron Campbell.

Hey, there! This blog might be a little shorter than others since I’ll have a video on YouTube.

Emergency Device Inspections (more commonly known as EDIs) are a thing that pairs of RAs do. Before COVID-19, we did EDIs once a month every semester. Now we’ve only done them once each semester. They aren’t a lot of fun, but they are pretty easy.

What we do during EDIS is simple. We knock on the front door 3 times until we get an answer. If we get no answer, then we have to use the master key to get into the apartment. Once in the apartment, we do a quick glance around the apartment to see if they have anything they’re not allowed to have- and when I say GLANCE, I mean it. Residents for some reason think we go through their things (which we don’t do, but they don’t listen).

Things that aren’t allowed are generally candles, alcohol (if under 21), drugs, smoke detectors that have been tampered with, and unregistered animals. Anything we see has to be documented in our paperwork that we do afterwards.

If a resident is under 21 or one person living in the apartment is under 21, then we have to confiscate the alcohol container. If the resident/residents are there, we have to call UPD, but if they’re not present then we just handle it ourselves. The same can be said for drugs and drug paraphernalia, but we don’t take anything. If it’s an animal, we take photos or just email the RD, but normally we know if the resident has either a service animal or an emotional support animal. Another hassle we have to deal with is if someone takes apartment their smoke detector or try to take it off the ceiling.

If they do end up having something wrong in their apartment, then they end up failing. If they fail, then we have to come back and recheck the apartment to make sure they passed.

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