Residence hall decorations (aka “Passives”)

Have you ever walked around a dorm and seen all of the bulletin boards covered in butcher paper that are different shade of the rainbow? Those are called passives!

Passives are usually bulletin boards filled with some type of information. The information we put up depends on what time of year it is. Beginning of the year? We’ll post shuttle numbers and maps, cheap and easy things to fix in your dorm/kitchen, tips to get along with your roommate. Middle of the semester? We’ll post study tips, cheap restaurants in town (that deliver!), good coffee and food places on campus. End of the year? Apartments around town and move out information are the usual things we post.

We’ll also post important information for you to know like safety tips, information that’s hall specific, and things that the Department of Housing and Residential Life want us to post.

These are a lot of fun to do, especially because we get to be creative with them. Yes, we can Google ideas or look at Pinterest, but sometimes things aren’t as cool.

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