Funny/Awkward Moments

A picture of myself (center) and the two other RAs from the Pie an RA event. Photo by Dr. Kristen Farris.

Funny things happen ALL the time in a dorm. Sometimes things happen between the RAs, sometimes they happen to just the residents and we find out, and sometimes funny things happen with RAs and residents. I know that no matter what, I’ll always remember these moments.

The first thing I can remember is the Pie an RA event I got to be a part of my second year. The Hall Council committee (a group of residents in each hall who throw events) decided to do an event where residents got to throw a pie in an RAs face of their choosing. There were only three of us doing this event, but myself and the other guy got the most pies (I got about 5, and he got 6 or 7. The girl with us only got about 3). It was a lot of fun because it was a silly event to get residents happy about the semester. Plus, I got to throw a pie in my coworker’s faces.

The next thing was definitely more awkward than funny. I had a resident from my floor (an all male floor) get locked out of his room in only his towel and boxers. He left his key in his room by accident when he went to go take a shower and then his roommate left and locked the door. The poor guy had to go downstairs to the front desk to get a spare key to his room. Unfortunately, the key didn’t work for some reason, so the DA (desk assistant) working sent a message for an RA to come help. My resident was back there at the desk; I could tell he was getting mad at himself and embarrassed, so I told him to go back upstairs by his room. I told him I’d come up with the master key and binder for him to sign saying he needed a key back to his room.

The last thing I’ll tell you about is a pure mix of funny and awkward. I was on-call one night doing my rounds in our sister hall. Once I was on the bottom floor, I only had to check the kitchen, laundry room, and the emergency exit. When I walked into the kitchen my shoes made a noise that let me know I was stepping on something super sticky. This trail went from the kitchen door to the island in the back, which was a space of about 12 feet. Not knowing what it was or what to do, I called the RD on-call to question them. We tried to figure out what was going on and how to best handle it. I was asked to go find cleaning supplies from the custodian’s closet, but I couldn’t find anything of use. When I walked back into the kitchen, there was a group of girls I knew who lived in the hall, so I asked if they knew what it was. They all looked at each other, which was an immediate indicator to me that they knew. A friend of the girl who spilled the wax started to tell me, but the girl who spilled it interrupted her. They went back and forth for a second before another girl from the group yelled at me that the girl was going to wax herself (I’m a little shy to say anything else, so use your imagination of where). I took a second to compose myself before asking the RD if they heard what happened over the phone. She didn’t, so I had to repeat what the girls told me. I could tell the RD was a little shocked by what I told her because all I heard was “Oh” and then a pause for a few seconds. It sounds awkward for them to just say it like that, but that’s just how the relationship was between the residents and a few RAs.

There are a few other things (interrupting freshmen having sex, walking in on people when they get in/out of the shower, finding condom wrappers in my room from the last RA who lived there) but these were the top things I could think of.

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