App for RAs with Links

Hi, all! For this blog post, I will be showing you an app that I designed to help RAs while on the job. This may end up being a shorter blog than the others, but I hope you stick around and see what I’ve created.

This is the cover of the app. Design and photo by Cameron Campbell.

What this app is meant to do is help RAs while on the go, specifically when an RA is on-call. When on-call, there is a lot of back and forth which makes us super tired. All of the back and forth keeps us up during the night (plus it’s creepy going to the front desk at night after it closes). Within this app are phone numbers for help, video links to show us how to do things, and links to incident reports.

A fake list of contacts in the app. Design and photo by Cameron Campbell.

The reason why I think this kind of app is good or desirable is because of how much easier this makes life for RAs. This app would allow for RAs to no longer need access to a computer, whether their own or the one at the desk, while in the moment of needing to document a situation.

A list of RA resources in the app. Design and photo by Cameron Campbell.

The above screenshot, for example, holds different resources for RAs. The tab labeled “Maxient” is the main thing we use to document incidents that require us needing to talk to residents, the RD on-call, or even UPD. It’s where we list the things that happen and who was involved. The next tab labeled “Reporting Title IX” is a link to the Title IX reporting form. The “Breaker Boxes” tab takes an RA to a video link that shows them how to properly handle a breaker box. The last tab, “Ethics of RA Job”, takes the user to a document explaining the ethical aspects of the RA job (basically the do’s and don’t s).

Anyways, I hope you think this app idea is cool and fun. I’d love for this to be a real thing that my department of housing would create. I think a lot of the RAs in the department would be behind this.

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