Residence hall decorations (aka “Passives”)

Have you ever walked around a dorm and seen all of the bulletin boards covered in butcher paper that are different shade of the rainbow? Those are called passives! Passives are usually bulletin boards filled with some type of information. The information we put up depends on what time of year it is. Beginning ofContinue reading “Residence hall decorations (aka “Passives”)”

What it’s like to be an RA during a pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic first happened, I was going through some personal stuff (grandfather died, dog died, mom diagnosed with breast cancer). I was happy to have a two week spring break at the beginning. I desperately needed a break. How it went down for RAs was this: we got the email from the universityContinue reading “What it’s like to be an RA during a pandemic”

What it’s like to be an RA during a snowstorm

The snowstorm of 2021 was not one of my favorite memories as an RA. It was cold, scary, and I had no idea what I was going to do if I ended up without power for a long time. I wasn’t the only one who didn’t know what to do, though. My coworkers and IContinue reading “What it’s like to be an RA during a snowstorm”

Duties of an RA: Part 1

As an RA, you have to do these walks called rounds around your residence hall multiple times a night. It’s not an all-night thing; our three rounds have to be done within the time from 7pm-12am each weekday night (which is considered Sunday-Thursday), 7pm-2am each weekend night (which is Friday and Saturday), and two extraContinue reading “Duties of an RA: Part 1”